Discussing Maggi’s Positioning and Branding strategies : How the brand still dominates the instant noodles market of India

Maggi as a product was able to make an impact in the Indian Market because it understood that to capture this specific market, it will need to cater to the needs of the Indian customers in the way their message will most efficiently reach. The catchy Indian phrases have been picked up to create the association between Maggi and the common Indian consumer who is used to such phrases on a day-to-day basis.

These phrases, being a part of daily life conversations, created a ready awareness and positioned the brand in a way that it eventually became synonymous with noodles in general. One other reason why Maggi used the Indian lines was to cater to a customer base which consumed typical Indian food stuffs like Poha and Upma and thus positioned Maggi as something which could be consumed instead of these due to its taste and health benefits as well.

Maggi has positioned itself successfully as a brand that has become synonymous to noodles as far as the Indian market for instant noodles is concerned. From the beginning, it has used various aspects such as its colors, logo, symbols and taglines to constantly position and reposition the huge range of audience which they cater to. Even when their products went downhill, they have always tried to recognize the variety of aspects which they can utilize to ultimately fit their product in the Indian culture. From targeting housewives to youngsters to families, Maggi has successfully used the strategies to position and reach a vast array of potential customers.

STP strategies over the years focused on the Point of Difference. While using the positioning strategies such as Image, channel, usage occasion and time, price quality and the tangible attributes, they were successfully able to create the desired position in the market and also in the minds of customers. 

Considering any recommendations to further their Brand Equity, they can use any of the repositioning strategies, specifically tangible or intangible repositioning can be used according to their offerings. Maggi’s Brand loyalty is already very good in the market, a little change in their repositioning strategies could help have an upper hand in further capturing new layers of the market and also to increase their equity.

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