Airtel’s success through proper positioning & branding strategies. A must read for budding entrepreneurs and marketers

Bharti debuted in the Indian telecom Market in the year 1995 through its subsidiary Airtel which launched mobile voice services when the market existed with over a million phones. With their tagline, ‘The Power to keep in touch’, the brand wanted to communicate and connect with the existing and prospective customers. The cell phone market at that time was only for the elites since the costs were too high and this was seen as an opportunity by Airtel.

The first print ads by the brand focused on the features which helped them slowly increase their customer base. With the opening of its first showroom in Delhi, Airtel was able to provide a range of services under one roof which was a clear successful strategy for the brand as it got noticed further. Eventually Airtel became the best cellular service in the country. With the touch tomorrow campaign in the year 2000, Airtel was able to connect with price conscious customers focusing on the lines of friends and families.

Various types of appeals were catered through the campaigns which helped the brand to further penetrate into the market. Further, the touch point network was increased as they entered malls and other public places with their services on offer. The positioning strategies were helpful here. Branding activities such as signages, symbols, colors were used to further attract customers. Thus the repositioning strategy in the year 2002 changed their whole look as they changed their logo and tagline which stated ‘Live Every Moment’ which felt more dynamic, philosophical, friendly and energetic. A complete repositioning package was created as AR Rahman composed the famous Airtel tune. A lot of celebs were used to further increase the brand image and value.

The ‘Baat Karnesehi Baat Banti Hai’ campaign of 2010 which introduced many other services, attracted the youth of the country. In 2010, Bharti Airtel acquired Kuwait based telecom company zain which meant their expansion in 18 more nations. Rebranding efforts increased to level their image all across the world. With the introduction of 3G services, a huge market opened for them.

Rebranding was done with the help of top brand specialists. The logotype, symbol and colors were changed to reflect their true identity. The investment proved to be successful with the brand identity becoming popular with the consistent and quality services they offered. The international market was also now opened to further penetrate and add their range of products and services. This opened up new space to venture into new markets if they eventually ever wished to.

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