“Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.” – Carl Sagan [Quote Discussed]

Such a beautiful and apt quote by Dr. Carl Sagan. It totally summarizes the essence of the amalgamation of science and spirituality. Dr. Sagan, who was one of the most influential American Astronomers, was a very prolific orator as he taught and opened the doorway to understand science and most importantly Astronomy, to thousands of commoners.

Dr. Sagan’s work and his teaching abilities have formed a bridge to understand science and spirituality. His books and shows always exclaimed the fact that universe is filled with immense knowledge and we mere are dust particles, so much to explore and search for. But, our fragile egos are stopping us from this vast exploration which could also help us to understand ourselves.

If one could understand the scientific aspects of the universe, there is a higher chance that the spiritual perspectives could also be clearly grasped, after all they overlap to a large extent. Many Indian philosophers and saints have also suggested a similar thing. The deeper layers of our lives can be explored through a scientific eye, meaning, questioning becomes the basis as newer dimensions are reached.

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