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How being on Multiple Social Media platforms might help you in increasing your Website Traffic as well as Brand Awareness!

Today, Social Media has become a very broad term and with that comes various social media platforms. Since the last decade, the buzz around social media and its usage to reach people has tremendously increased with newer social media platforms being added to the list. Completely new markets have been created with the formation of such media platforms which provide tremendous ease to create and disseminate content for brands and individuals alike.

Thus now-a-days, one of the most important aspects to reach out to people has become more about being on multiple social media platforms. This will not only bring your brand attention but will also help you in experimenting with the type of content you can deliver and then decide what’s best for the brand and the audience.

For example, initially marketers used Facebook to its full potential but then when Instagram came into the picture, they were not ready to accept that this just photos-centric platform can help them reach a very unique and wide variety of audience. The same thing happened with Snapchat. People pre-assumed that such a platform can never be used for marketing and automatically denied an opportunity to convey their message about the brand. Recently as I was going through my LinkedIn feed, people have realized that how this Job Portal can be used to place and express a thought which can reach a very different set of potential customers. The professional level of connect which LinkedIn can provide is still unmatched to any other form of social media platform out there.

Q & A platforms like Quora and Reddit are used to create a positive image of a brand and thus have proved to be used as a Public Relations tool more than direct brand building exercises. By doing this, you will be creating value for everyone around and you being on multiple platforms gives your brand a touch of authenticity. Lead generation also becomes easy as you can initiate a custom approach if you have a product or a service to offer.

Being on multiple platforms will help you learn the approaches being followed by the leaders in the domain also will allow your brand to gain attention and bring in new people to initiate a talk.

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