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Artificial Intelligence and the Human Brain : Will we ever be able to replicate ourselves artificially?

Artificial Intelligence has become an extensive topic of research and is being developed to be the best tool for creating complex intelligent systems and solving complex problems. 

A good AI system needs to understand the working of a computer (not like how we do) and how we humans think alike. However at present, humans are surely better at making decisions because of the complex construct of cognitive and emotional structures. The consciousness and pattern judging aspect makes us humans what we are and the long developed evolutionary memory and intelligence is what is helping us to develop these scientific and technological tools.

We all will agree to the fact that, the human brain represents the largest computational machine ever. An AI with the same design as the human brain would have an order of magnitude of faster processing, but a completely different architecture. Theoretically, in order to build an AI with a human-like architecture, we need a system that can be trained, and then tested upon millions or maybe billions of human-like inputs which will require huge amounts of data, capacity and of course resources.

Still, with regards to computing, we may only be able to replicate a small sample of this but we never know what kind of computational supremacy we will be able achieve in the near or distant future. Only time will tell how this disruption turns out to be i.e will it be really beneficial or a huge disaster. For that, hope is still prevailing!

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