A few Tips to increase your Instagram Following and Engagement as a Brand (2021)

Instagram as we know has become one of the largest photo sharing platforms in the world with around 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. Certainly quite impressive considering the reach of a social media platform.

With audience comes marketing and with that comes understanding. The best tip for your growth on Instagram can be, ‘know your audience’ and focus on it as you want to know what kind of audience you have to target or interact to ultimately get the ball rolling. Often times brands and services make this mistake of not considering their target audience and jump off to create eye appealing posts and content. Yes that’s important but then this will all go in vain if a specified audience is not known considering one wants to market a product, service, an idea or just themselves. A well interacting audience is always better than a dormant one who doesn’t even look at your posts once followed or liked.

Creating short videos for your niche might help you in the long run since videos are attractive and can help you gain a significant amount of engagement. Instagram reels is here for your rescue. If you are deciding onto creating a product video, you may want to consider beforehand what kind of people will be watching it and that how you are going to place it.

In this I would also like to mention that, with the ease of making video content for Instagram, there are a lot of folks out there copying and creating that same redundant content which doesn’t gather that much attention. Consider making it unique and try to connect with your audience. Take the time to learn a bit about the viewers and their expectations which is really a critical move considering you are in the ‘all engagement business’. It’s easy to put together something really compelling in the space you’re targeting, but can be really hard to build a customer persona for that space. Sometimes you want something that’s a bit off the wall to get people click.

Using relevant hashtags is the best way to boost your following since like-minded people will connect with your brand. This means that you first need to have a clear idea of what your target user base will be, accordingly you will want to decide onto the tags you will be using related to your brand. Try experimenting with a few initial posts and depending upon the insights you can further decide. Instagram has made this job pretty easier now as full analytics styled data is available to you for your business page to know the what, where’s and how’s of your page.

Lastly, you should engage with other people’s content so as it helps to gain insights into what is that they are posting and is going good for them. This also helps in building relations for your niche. But then you don’t have to go around and spam people which ultimately will hamper your image, but consider commenting or liking to expand you circle of business.

A Quick Summary of what we discussed above :

  1. Always consider your target audience
  2. Video has more power than images (leverage the power of video tools)
  3. Try making your style a little bit unique to differentiate your content from that of others
  4. Use relevant hashtags (audience to be reached and brand)
  5. Try experimenting as you gain insights into what type of content works the best
  6. Engage with other creators and members of this vast community.

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