Top 6 Quotes & Thoughts on Life for Today!

1. I know that I have not toiled to accumulate wealth but rather to contribute something back to the society.

2. One minute you think you are miserable and the next moment you are smiling through a situation. Being balanced with your emotions is the best way to understand the intricacies of life.

3. It’s fine to take risks, but they must be calculated!

4. Memorable experiences are rich in theme and do not wander from their line of thought.

5. For as we grow old, we are fully ourselves again. Age makes us what we are; it is a way of life, an eternal mode of existence. Turning old has its own beauty which we all should embrace! 

6. I am a little child in the world of adults. This world is my playground, and I’m only learning as I grow through the schools offered by mother nature.

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