What to do when you feel lonely or empty?

Loneliness is one of the worst feelings of all and in this world of connectivity and social media, it is quite obvious that we humans as social animals will try to find some sort of a happening in our lives. And if we are unable to do so, then a sense of emptiness or loneliness starts to creep in. Another reason for loneliness is related to the type of work we do. If the work gets monotonous or repetitive, then our mind starts to wander and thus we start to feel lonely as we tend to fill in that void with something which could be of some interest to us.

But here I will not be discussing much about the problem rather I will try to lay down a few temporary methods which you can try whenever you feel lonely :

Get out of your place

Get out and have a stroll in the nearby area cause the world is full of interesting things and you never know what you can find of some interest around. Having a little break from the repetitive tasks will open up your mind and will let you think more about the surroundings and the situations which the others are going through.

Do something that you like

You can find something that you are passionate about. Writing, reading, playing a sport or just watching good and quality movies can help you get off that mood.

Write it out

According to many researchers, writing your thoughts and goals down on a piece of paper will help you to state your emotions and express them in a much concrete manner.

Be a little adventurous

Adventurous doesn’t always mean climbing a gigantic mountain or going skydiving, rather it could also mean to go out and do those little things you like for some part of your day. Being adventurous makes your life purposeful and can lead you towards a path of joy and inner-understanding because ultimately it helps you break your inner barriers and many-a-times challenges your fears.

Lastly you can just stay quite and meditate or try to focus on the things around you. This not only gives you a perspective to look at the world differently but also will make you get up and do something productive with the energies available.

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