Top 7 Quotes on Life & Living for Today!

1. By not taking risks, by not pushing through the required challenges and just being satisfied with the comfort zone, you shall soon get sucked into the pit of stagnation. Act today.

2. Life is the greatest trickster that can do you a lot of damage without even letting you know that you’ve been tricked. Thus, reduce your ego.

3. The universe could not show us a more beautiful gift than to live the life we’ve been given. We all have the capabilities to individually experience what this universe is all about and has to offer.

4. Nothing in life goes totally in vain if we have the willingness to constantly learn and grow from within.

5. I actually get very much inspired by the sheer number of people, who despite having nothing initially, rise and achieve great heights in life and India is full of such people.

6. However the good you do, critics are always going to be there. If you get affected, they will mint their purpose without even letting you know.

7. Imagination, intelligence, and an innate sense of wonder can offer someone a worldview that is meaningful, expansive, and emotionally resonant, while reality can involve seeing a perspective that is clearly labeled, organized and predefined. A balance of both is required.

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