A life changing Journey into the Outskirts of India!

The rural immersion program was really an eye-opening experience for all of us. The experience was not just about the village, but then it provided us with a unique kind of a feel of life and what exactly goes on in the villages. The village is pretty remotely set and that it has its own glory. The respect which we got in the village made us feel responsible and stronger as to help them for the better.

On the first day as we all reached the destination, we all went to the sunset point where we experienced the beauty of the setting sun. The cool breeze and the magnificent valleys made us feel very tiny in front of it. The hunger after a long and tiring day was satisfied by having dinner, as we all shared the food with each other and thus tasted some delicious recipes brought by all. In the night, the boys preferred to sleep in the temple and the girls in the houses which were allotted to them. Well..well..sleeping in the temple was one of a kind experience because of the extreme cold which made sure that we all boys stayed awake throughout the night!

“A very small remotely set village in India”

The second day was the ‘Shramadaan’ Day when we provided some help to the villagers by painting the walls and trees on the road. The teamwork of all was really commendable. The service was for the village and thus in a short while made us all realize the hard life which the villagers live on a daily basis.

After returning back, the food which was offered was delicious, and a peculiar thing to mention here is that it was always provided on time by the lovely villagers with their kind service. This lovely gesture of theirs will never be forgotten. The campfire in the night and the wonderful and cheerful songs sung by all made the atmosphere happy and exciting. While all the other students went to sleep, I with my friends and a villager, sat along the campfire talking about life in and around the village and that how the culture and the core values of the village can help you be a better person. Surely it taught a lot to us!

In the night as we saw around, was sheer silence and darkness, which was not empty but consisted of the bright stars and the tall dark mountains which surrounded us.

The third day began with a small trek to the “Tail Baila” fort a few miles from the village. At the top was the gigantic piece of rock, which appeared as if it was just kept on the base, grabbed everybody’s attention as the mountain climbers were preparing to climb the same. At the midway of the climb was a small temple where there were a freshwater pond and boy o boy..the water was cold and pure and as I drank it, it kind of gave a sense of satisfaction and quenched my thirst within a minute. The heat in the body suddenly vanished. Everybody sat under the shed of the temple and enjoyed the breathtaking view with the smooth breeze touching the face which made the environment more pleasant. The day ended with clicking pictures and saying goodbye to the village as we all boarded our respective buses.

For me, this experience was an enriching one and made me realize a lot of things that I took for granted. I learned that we humans can move out of our comfort zones and can live a good life in limited resources as well. Surprisingly, for the whole three days, we all stayed in the village without using our phones and genuinely enjoyed whatever the village had to offer. Everyone, even after coming from the comforts of the city, adjusted according to the conditions and adapted to the surroundings pretty quickly.

Thus to conclude I would just like to say that, do explore your surroundings, cause there exists a ‘World Beyond the Cities’ which you surely should not miss visiting at least once in your lifetime!

Thank You!

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