Why do our lives feel shallow even when we have achieved everything?

We all work hard. We all pray and we all play! But still, something constantly bothers us even if we have achieved whatever is necessary in our lives. Basic necessities like – food, clothing and shelter are necessary to sustain and live a comfortable life. Still, are we satisfied with our lives? Most of the time, the answer to this question is a ‘No’. But what’s the reason?

I know a lot of my relatives and friends, working in IT giants and Investment banks, making big bucks. But there is a grim face after earning and achieving such a huge amount of treats in life. The answer could be that they don’t have a stronger purpose than earning a basic livelihood, which is done by every other creature on the planet.

Earn, eat, sleep and repeat are the processes of any living organism to survive and is done with precision by even the smallest of all the insects. They don’t have intelligence like we do. But if we closely observe the nature around us, then we will find that every animal, bird and insect is working hard to survive and has a complete life of its own.

A sense of contribution and a sense of being is what separates us from them. We as human beings have the ability to explore all the varied dimensions of life to the fullest. We do not have an upper boundary as we can explore, observe, experiment and have the ability to question or reason whatever happens in our lives. Such a large capacity to explore and what we are doing is misusing the evolutionary mind and developing a sense of memory to create havoc and build weapons of mass destruction. Rates of Depression and anxiety have exponentially increased. Consumption of drugs and alcohol have significantly become a problem, all because of the intelligence being turned against us.

In this world of race and grace, we have forgotten to have a look within and are searching for all the solutions outside. This has made us so hollow from within that we now need something or the other to constantly entertain us. But the truth is harsh. You will lose your powers, your health, your relatives and loved ones. Inevitable cannot be avoided nor can it be forgotten. A look into the inner world is the only solution for the modern times.

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