Casey Neistat and how the vlogging culture has evolved!

A year ago I saw a video of a YouTuber reviewing the First class, $21,000 seat of an Emirates flight. After that I was impressed and overwhelmed by his style and no-nonsense attitude to portray something, which made me one of his biggest fans (and yeah after that I got addicted and thus binge watched almost all of his videos.)

The man has dropped out of school as his first child was born when he was just 17, his dad told him that he ‘cannot’ dream to live in New York City as he had no money. After all the ups and downs and taunts and bashes, he ignored them and gave a simple message to all and that being, “Do What You Can’t!”

Casey started his YouTube career in the year 2010, and since then, he has literally revolutionized vlogging and converted it into something appealing and simple. Thus now, he is being recognized as the superstar of the vlogging industry. Reasons being, his unique style to connect to his audiences and to make anything look simple yet sexy and fun, then be it a reviewing one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels or just a daily NYC vlog of his. It’s all just amazing!

Vlogging is an art, and a way to depict and showcase a lifestyle which could be ordinary but could turn off immense enjoyment for all, and Casey being an example of the fact that, anyone can create a vlog in a minimalistic fashion without any least at the beginning.

Casey’s style to show stuff around in detail, his stunning drone shots and yes his ‘constant’ black sunglasses are some of things which we all have seen but… his deep involvement in camera movements and placements, some of which are really out of the box, the editing style and consistency to post quality and rich content about literally any happening around is always a sheer pleasure to be a part of.

His journey as a YouTuber might be a tough one but our journey to watch his journey is so simple that he just takes us all to our dream places with the simplest of all of his craft bearing in mind and considering all his fans around the world, including a few just like me.

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