Top 6 Tips to Increase your Productivity!

1. Get rid of all the material stuff you don’t need and place it somewhere else. Clean your environment before starting any work. This rule is actually one of the most primary rules which is rigorously followed in the military.

2. Stop focusing on your faults and instead focus on your strengths. This might sound cliche but yeah, giving some time of your day on working on the stuff in which you excel or are good at will boost your confidence. 

3. All sorts of criticism is not bad. Try learning from what people have to say about you and your work. They might be right or wrong, question them for their statements. Right questioning is always better than arguing.

4. If you have a habit of taking things personally, then change your mindset. Wasting too much time on silly little things will eventually drain your energy and take your focus off the main task. Stay on track by reminding yourself from time to time about your priorities in life.

5. If you are constantly frustrated about your decisions, you will never be able to move on to the next level. Regrets are a part of our lives and we cannot change what we have already done, rather, learning from our mistakes is the only option we have got.

6. Whenever you have an idea which you want to execute, create a specific plan that will help you accomplish the goal. Planning is equivalent to visualization which ultimately gives you a clear picture of the direction in which you want to head towards. Divide it into smaller chunks and never jump long to ensure you enjoy the journey as well.

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