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Top 12 essential Employable Skills which you should know about for the Post-Pandemic period

Some important points which you can consider for the post pandemic period :-

1. Communication – Will always be the core and essential skill to covey the ideas. Vocab, accent, pitch and tone are some of the key elements to work upon as far as verbal communication is concerned.

2. Writing – Since the work nature might demand you to work from home, writing will become an integral part of your schedule and thus sharpening your writing skills might prove really beneficial.

3. Multitasking – The structure of work and company scenarios are going to drastically change and thus to adapt, one will need to practice multitasking.

4. Listening – With communication and multitasking comes good listening skills which are always essential as far as any kind of work is concerned to retain the information and take the required actions.

5. Networking – LinkedIn is the best for this purpose for now. Don’t spam, connect and leave a short-simple message about yourself and your work. Post your work and ideas for a better reach.

6. Marketing – Personal as well as product.

7. Some knowledge about IT, basic design and programming skills.

8. Learn some design, 3D modelling, video editing, animation software and get to the very depth of it. Trust me, this will definitely help you to construct something of your own and demonstrate your ideas in a much effective manner.

9. Past projects – Prepare a good portfolio (not just a long bulleted CV/Resume) to showcase your work, projects, overall learning and on field experience. You can use any good portfolio platform for this purpose.

10. Qualification – if you do not have any other projects to showcase then your strong academic background will always help you land a good job. This also includes any diploma/professional certificate courses which you have done.

11. Research – Both the academic and non-academic way to streamline your workflow.

12. Patience – These are some of the most hard and testing times for the whole of humankind. Keeping that little space between your ambitions, work and the reality around is very important to gain the necessary patience and to ultimately understand and act accordingly.

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