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Top 10 points which fresh engineering grads from India & around the world should know about

Below are some points which you might consider :

  1. Since you are an engineering graduate, you now can decide onto a path which you wish to take. Think, research, create a plan and act.
  2. Sharpen your coding skills since now you have ample amount of time to learn a new programming language and maybe do a project or two.
  3. Participate in competitive programming and try to solve questions since they require good algorithms and data structures understanding as well
  4. Read, read and read. There is a lot of content which is now available online for free – from books to research papers.
  5. Take up some other skill based course in domains like design or digital marketing which will help you stay job ready
  6. Learn some software like Photoshop, adobe XD, 3DS Max in this time period cause they will give you an edge as far as changing job scenario is considered.
  7. Be on any one social media platform and start writing on it. Showcasing your knowledge and skills through writing is one of the best ways to utilize time and stay productive.
  8. Create a portfolio of yours. Get any free blogging platform, open an account and add the necessary details from your education to experiences. Recruiters love if you have done any extra projects or have converted your hobbies into something productive.
  9. Signup on LinkedIn and create a good eye-catchy profile. No need to lie about anything rather just mention important information and facts about yourself. Follow people and interact with recruiters. This will ultimately help to create a strong network of people which will eventually help you land a job.
  10. Re-brand yourself, keep learning, networking and start sharing what you know.
  11. Lastly, if you are serious then, act now!

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