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What is ‘Karma’ and how does it Work?

In India, we from our childhood have witnessed our parents and grandparents saying that, if you do wrong deeds then Karma shall come after you. Upon a little investigation into the Hindu scriptures, I found out that they were right.

According to many saints and sages which touched the Indian subcontinent, Karma is nothing but action. Our thought processes define our actions and our actions define the subsequent situations and events of our lives. The ultimate cause and effect relationship which occurs is a result of our Karma. Karma is not a person or an entity or any God sent messenger, rather it is the effect of our own performed actions. 

Many of the western philosophies don’t even state that human actions ultimately define the paths which are going to be followed. The Hindu outlook towards human consciousness, thoughts and actions states that, Karma is an energy form and is defined by the acts of mankind. If we could all make our decisions consciously, then there is a high possibility that we will be able to control our lives to a great extent. The surrounding conditions might perish, nature shall do its job but life in the end is defined by our own actions.

Actions can mean thoughts, emotions and any acts of decision making. How we perceive a certain incident which has happened in our lives, do we become slaves to our emotions and do we act according to the environment around, all ultimately define Karma. These actions, if they are bad to someone or even ourselves, will reflect back in the form of an energy which could be destructive in nature meaning, they will be transferred into some kind of bad outcomes or we can say it will give rise to situations which are not in our control.

Those bad outcomes don’t have a specific timing so to say since guilt, regret and the basic instinct to perform certain bad deed, is an indication which reflects our own Karma. Good actions shall bring good outcomes. Your actions define your life and it is you who is responsilbe in paving a way of clarity and a conscious though process.

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