There is no one overpaid in this world!

I think there is no such profession in our country or rather the whole world which is overpaid cause everybody earns though his/her hard-work and perseverance.

For any profession there are people who earn very less to people who earn the highest :

Doctors : One becomes a doctors after studying rigorously for years before starting his/her practice.

CAs : Study and work simultaneously and we all know how tough the course is.

Lawyers : A very challenging job with less security involved.

Engineers : Hard to become a good one.

Journalists : Do field work, reporting and analysis of news that too live in front of millions of people. A lot of hard work is involved and competition is fierce.

Managers : Delegating tasks and responsibilities and manage crisis to ultimately achieve the organizational goals. Trust me its a hard job when you have to manage a bunch of people and you yourself are an employee of the organization.

Actors : There is immense struggle to enter into this industry. It is very hard to earn a stable livelihood from acting if you are not established.

Musicians : A lot of auditions, practice sessions and rejections are involved here are well.

Thus we can see, no field is a cake walk. If a person has become wealthy in a certain profession it means that he/she has some unique capabilities which have been implemented through constant practice and patience. What we can do is learn from then and apply those principles in our lives.

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