Why do we get Distracted all the time? – An article about Social Media & Technological Distractions

In today’s world of rapid technological advances, distractions have become a common part of our lives. Imagine if we, the grown up adults cannot cope up or control ourselves from accessing this unlimited array of content and information available, then how can we expect from the toddlers and teens?

Today, school going kids are constantly hooked onto their devices and need something in their lives to walk them through the park of entertainment and information. A sense of focus and calmness has disappeared from their lives as they can access the storytelling mediums within a click.

This quick availability of data has made us all “shallow knowledge hungry”. Why shallow? Cause the information available is all at the surface level and we as humans acquire it to prove others our own intelligence and not to really learn something. Amidst all this, we inherently feed trash in the name of attaining knowledge, because of which confusion occurs and it ultimately leads to distraction.

Though distraction in itself is not dangerous since it is a sign that we do not get stuck into any monotonous activity, but the constant need to access the virtual world to see what’s happening into the other people’s life, is a worrisome state of mind. Now-a-days at dinner parties, instead of sharing and having a chat with the person sitting next to us, we prefer to have contact with someone who is far away, which is a form of distraction in itself.

Distraction while studying has become a pretty common phenomenon for all the young lads since the mind is constantly wavering and taking rounds to peep into the details of every incident which is happening around the world. And how can we forget the fear of missing out (FOMO)? One has to be a part of every possible conversation, gossip and activity taking place! What kind of a thought process are we developing? Is this what technology is meant to be? Our children in no time will be converted into egoistic, selfish and short tempered masses who will not be able to survive even for a day without these technologies. 

I wouldn’t completely blame technology, but yeah, a large part of the problem is technology. Cases of internet and social media addiction are on a rise. With technology there’s been an outburst of options but with a box full of options, we human beings are getting easily distracted and confused. Our opinions are shaped within seconds with the advent of mass mediums which have developed and become strong forces to raise voices over a period of time. 

Our attention spans have drastically gone down. We cannot enjoy the food on our plates before uploading a picture of it on Instagram. We cannot peacefully drive or be with someone because of the repeated emails, messages and calls we receive. We now constantly need someone to like our posts or talk to us or appreciate us. We are slowly losing a sense of critical thinking since all what we need is available through our smartphones. We have slowly and steadily become slaves of the “Matrix” which we ourselves have created for better accessibility and transaction of information all across the world.

The solution is to create a balance between existing in the virtual world and living in the real world and this is only possible when one shall decide to do so.

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