“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs [Quote Discussed]

Steve Jobs was a man of talent, dedication and smart work. He assembled a team of people who worked together and made products which nobody would have ever thought about. He became one of the world’s best sales and marketing gurus because of his pure love towards design to ultimately amalgamate art and technology.

We all admire him for his straightforwardness and his passionate soul which made stuff look and feel different in an era when products were considered as just tools and machines of work. But today, they have become much more than that. Our smartphones and laptops have become technological marvels with beautiful curves and internal designs from which we cannot stay detached for long. 

Somewhere or the other we all will agree that the design culture was brought up by Steve Jobs as he always thought and pictured his products as something which will become a part of people’s lives. His perspective made it possible that a sense of design thinking be imbibed as a part of the company culture. Therefore, he always strived and pushed his teams to design and build better, efficient and beautiful products and always preferred those than the boxed, non-stylish and difficult to be used products.

Thus, as his quote above states, he followed his core values and made the principles of design workable which was soon reflected in all of Apple’s products. Theoretically we can make a product look beautiful but if it sucks in its functionality then it will not go far. The products are to be understood inside-out and tested in a way that each of the components work as required then only will they be converted into successfully designed products. Thus Steve always made sure that these products functioned the best with the aligned design attributes and hence the design revolution was brought into reality!

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