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The future of Jobs & Artificial Intelligence – My take on this

Remember one thing that Artificial Intelligence can easily replace repetitive tasks. The upcoming technologies and machines will not be programmed in traditional ways, and the way we do certain tasks might not be needed anymore. There’s a possibility that, by using machine learning and AI, we will be able to access new ways to solve problems and thus enable us to organize and manage people much more effectively in the near future.

Not to be afraid, this new technology has some interesting aspects as well, because it will open up huge new realms of creativity. Now, in my opinion, with machines that do repetitive tasks we might as well think about how to create new types of entertainment that are accessible to different groups of consumers using different formats and we might even want to think about more sophisticated forms to entertain people. So yes, the focus will automatically shift towards creative domains and brainstorming rather than doing menial and clerical tasks.

Many researches in this domain state that, we could build machines that can combine different skills, understand human interactions, and then share that knowledge with the world, in a much more effective and efficient manner. Thus, knowledge retrieving and sharing will take importance.

There are many such new and exciting things which will happen but then, the sudden shift in the job scenario is what is going to scare us the most.

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