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How learning a new language helps you in developing your brain!

According to researchers, learning a new language helps unlock certain parts of the brain. The cognitive abilities develop as the process of coding and decoding happens which is what is essential to solve certain real life problems. Thus, languages according to me are human developed patterns which signify a unique kind of communication medium, the speech.

As we get to know the syntax of a new language, the brain learns to “learn” since eventually it also develops new neural pathways. This is considered to be the origin of language learning. A single neural connection can change the way we learn a language by giving us new information. This neural information is then processed to speech. We experience this in our daily lives as we tend to fill in the gaps of the language which we don’t know much about than the native one which we have acquired over the years of our learning life.

For example, when you start playing a game, you are only given a limited amount of time to learn the rules. This is what our brains are doing when we first learn languages. As you continue to learn new languages, these rules can evolve and change accordingly, making your brain become more and more adept at using the information you have just received.

The first step along this “evolutionary” path is through the first language which is essential in how we learn new languages and ultimately process them when the time comes. As you learn a different language, the brain begins to make connections between words and make these connections stronger and stronger.

To conclude : Even though Google Translate is freely available to all, try learning a new language in your spare time to experiment how your brain responds plus you never know how it is going come handy, maybe just to impress someone far into the vantage point!

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