What are Mistakes? As a human, do you deliberately perform your mistakes? – A self-inquiry is needed

As humans, you are bound to commit mistakes. However a perfectionist you might claim to be, mistakes will occur in some or the other form. But do these mistakes just happen or are they deliberately being made? Most of the mistakes which you commit are in your own control, rest they happen cause there are a variety of forces which are acting all around you. You should definitely not get stuck in the guilt which has arised due to a mistake where the situation was not in control.

Whenever you make a certain mistake, you then later realize that you have performed a wrongdoing which may apply in regards to your surroundings or just for yourself. This realization is then in turn converted into guilt which you carry as a burden. But do you really accept your mistakes? Most of the time you either blame a situation or just pass it onto someone else who is weaker or is not present when the blame was being shifted. 

Whenever you are at fault, you must admit it like a courageous person, cause after all you have had your fair share of enjoyment when you performed that action which now you are calling as a mistake. It was actually a pleasurable activity till the time you realized that something is wrong in the steps being taken. Suppose a person sets an alarm for 6 in the morning and snoozes it till 8, then it is clearly a mistake for him which now will follow the consequences of him being late for the work. Thus, the person enjoyed the sleep as a pleasurable activity and now he/she now has to suffer, where the consequences become unavoidable!

So, mistakes are not actually mistakes if you accept, take responsibility and learn from them. Ultimately, a fault will convert into a mistake in no time if you keep repeating it and thus never accept the cause. This all works like paying the bill after you had your dinner at a hotel. Now with a smile, you have to pay the requisite amount after you had the dinner. You just cannot say that, I just wanted to order some beer and the rest of the four course meal was ordered by mistake. In a similar manner, you have to pay the cost of your mistakes no matter what and thus, the acceptance part could help you to eventually bear those consequences.

Thus, if you have performed a mistake, accept it with a smile and understand that now you should be ready to bear whatever consequences which may follow. Don’t be stuck in the habit of guilt, learn from your past and move on cause life always has a lot to offer!

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