How the constant habit of ‘Planning’ could turn out to be a trap!

We all plan to get somewhere in our lives. But is the habit of constantly planning really helpful? At times yes and at times it becomes a sickness. Planning is required to execute a task in a certain fashion. We hope to achieve something and thus get stuck in this loop called ‘planning’.

The reality tells us a different story. We plan and wish to reach a certain point, but alas many a times a variety of factors come into the picture and rule the path which we have planned. In short, we fail.

Life isn’t all about planning and executing as it is, cause nothing in actuality is a result of planning, neither in nature nor within us. We were not born planning and we shall die without any planning. We do not plan and digest our food at the same time we do not plan and create what’s available to us as a gift from mother nature. 

Planning every little thing is surely a sign of sickness cause then we haven’t accepted the form of existence we are and thus cannot tolerate the world as it is. This acceptance is very crucial to live a life of joy and satisfaction and will help us to be free from all the little things and happenings which we worry about in our daily lives. This doesn’t mean that planning is bad at all and that one should not achieve anything, but then, getting into a habit to plan every possible move is complete foolishness cause after all, a very tiny portion of our lives are in our control rest all is a game played by the universe. 

Nobody in this entire world can predict the happenings and thus, all one has to do is to keep working without any expectations which is what distances one from the bondage of un-necessary imaginations and thus the energies which are ingrained are utilized to create something wonderful and beneficial for oneself and the world!

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