How a ‘Perfectionist Attitude’ could become a Trap for you!

We all as humans always aim for perfection. Perfection in work, in relationships, in life and thus pursue perfection in almost all the aspects of life. But, are we born perfect? Do we die perfect? The answer to these questions is a ‘No’! Perfection is a human tendency and not a natural one. We have created an illusion for ourselves that perfection is what life should revolve around. But alas, life always has some other plans. 

Life in itself becomes complex when we chase perfection. Have you ever seen a perfect jungle, a mountain top or a flock of birds? No! Cause nature becomes what it is from the imperfections of various components and factors. Then why do we humans need so much perfection? The answer is, to execute things in an orderly and systematic fashion. We think that executing a certain task in a certain way will give the necessary output. This works to some extent but there are many situations where perfection eventually becomes a sickness.

There is a huge difference between approaching perfection and excellence. The approach to perfection means, one tries to do an activity so intensely and perfectly that he just gets stuck into it and thus cannot look beyond or make progress. Whereas, the approach to excellence means, one focuses upon quality but at the same time gives room to learn beyond what lies in front. The second approach is much more beneficial since one can learn and be satisfied with the work that has been done.

We can take an example of an essay writing competition. A person who is a perfectionist will focus on each and every word being written, the minute of all the mistakes and thus will consume all the time in doing so rather than creating an impressive essay. Whereas a person who is excellence minded will make sure that the essay is creative, unique and readable to the examiner, since in the end, the purpose of an essay is to communicate the message.

So, whenever you have a choice, choose excellence cause however the perfectionist you try to become, you shall always lose the depth of the present activity and at large the life has to offer. Become free, focus on what’s important and you shall fulfill the purpose eventually!

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