Do we humans have a habit of constantly creating our own Problems? – A few questions must be asked

Problems are a heck of a thing in everyone’s life! Literally everyone’s! Doesn’t this statement seem to be a little odd? It surely is. From our childhood we are taught that food, clothing and shelter are the basic necessities of our lives. But then as we grow and experience the world around us, we come to know that there is something more which has to be achieved and everyone seems to be onto grabbing this “more”.

In most of the developed nations of the world, people have every material gain one can ever dream of but still the cases of psychological disorder emerge more in those parts than anywhere in the world. This is all because we have a habit to create problems. When one thing gets solved, we move onto to the other, not to just enjoy the work or with a solution oriented mindset but just to stay occupied in some or the other problem. Questioning and solving problems is the basic nature of humankind and pertaining to this, we as a species has surely become a miserable one for ourselves. Development of the self and the world can happen without this restlessness as well, if that’s what you are concerned about. 

You will be shocked to know that, whatever psychological disorders are now being “produced” in the western world are not even distantly known by the people who are in the underdeveloped and developing parts of the world. The reasons which are given to prove such medical conditions are more imprudent. This is all a game of advertising, business and marketing played by large corporations who first want people to consume as much they can and then take the drugs manufactured by the notorious multi-billion dollar pharma industry.

Why are the cases of depression and anxiety much higher in the west? Cause these people are stuck in their own psychological drama and much more disturbing fact is that many of these people don’t even have a single material reason to be worried about. If one is not getting access to clean water or food and claims of being depressed then that would be considered valid, but the utter nonsense that one is getting depressed due to a breakup or failing in an exam or just because there is a certain loss? Emotional response to a certain situation is natural and should never be kept within. But then, why can’t we question our own rigid beliefs and mindsets? Are we animals that whatever and in whichever way the world is moving, we will all follow such senseless trends?

The answer to the question, why do we humans create our own problems? is that we have a habit of doing so. Whenever it seems that all of our problems are completely vanished then we automatically start to search and create those through a powerful tool called imagination. It’s an endless process. Thus, right questioning is required otherwise we will create more problems for ourselves and the internal fears will never be conquered even when we will be filthy rich as is proclaimed by the world of media.

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