What’s the best and permanent solution for Climate Change?

The climate change debate has now been discussed for a very long time and we all know how serious of a threat it is going to become. If at all there is a 2°c rise in global temperatures, not only will it follow with devastating forces of nature but also create havoc as far as other species of life are concerned. The whole ecosystem, if once endangered and destroyed, cannot be restored back easily and thus we are stepping on a very dangerous mine. Climate change is a serious threat.

A lot of agreements, discussions, conferences, tree plantation drives, sustainability mechanisms have been talked about since the past 40 years. But nobody is talking about the biggest contributor to climate change which is population. Population control measures are not loudly discussed, or even promoted which is the most crucial factor which can eventually save us from the catastrophe that we have already invited upon us.

Why is climate change happening in the first place? It’s because we humans are consuming much more than we have ever had in the entire history of ours and this is the elephant in the room which we are ignorant of even mentioning about. The western world has reached its pinnacle as far as per-capita consumption is considered. Countries like the USA consume 16 times more than that of India which is totally saddening as a fact. The definition of progress has become equivalent to consumption. More a country consumes, the more it is said to be economically prosperous. Same is with the definition of success, more the resources a man consumes, more the successful he is termed to be.

The math is quite simple here, control the population for at least a few decades and see how the Earth shall heal itself. The current Coronavirus pandemic is pretty evident for the above statement. As we humans are sitting in our homes, within no time, the Earth has cleared off almost all the garbage which we have created and piled up on the surface of this planet. This is not an opinion, this is all science which we all have learned in our high schools.

More the people, more the consumption and more rampant the climate catastrophe will become and we are definitely not ready to withstand those forces, at least the developing nations are not. But till today, there are no concrete policies to implement this at a larger scale. All are busy talking about electric cars, tree plantation drives and treaties, no doubt they might help, but only to a certain extent. The real driving factor of population is still kept out of the equation which could eventually help as far as making a significant difference is concerned. I know it’s not that easy to implement this at such a large scale but at least some form of push is now necessary to step in the right direction in the fight against climate change.

I just hope that we learn from our past mistakes, take the necessary steps and change our definitions of progress and success. The new normal, even after this pandemic, should be different from the old normal cause this is an opportunity to really change and evolve ourselves to ultimately save us from any such future threats. 

Ultimately, we all know what the effects are going to be. But if our ignorance and stubborn nature wishes to continue to win this battle with the old and rather outdated ways, then who can stop us? Rather than planning a settlement on Mars, we can make this only life sustaining planet, much more livable. The choice is ours cause we need to act now!

References :

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