What are some of the mystic truths that can change anybody’s life?

A few of the absolute truths are:

  • There is no future and past. All you have is the reality which is in front of you.
  • You are neither your body nor your mind. They are just physical entities.
  • Every behavior of yours is instinctual and has been acquired from nature. Eating, sleeping, reproduction even sadness and anger
  • Truth has only one aspect. Its straight and clear, rest all is maya (all the falseness which constantly attracts you).
  • Everything you shall achieve in life is going to be temporary and the fear of losing it is sheer stupidity
  • Your are really really miniscule in front of this universe. Your achievements and mistakes don’t matter at all.
  • You are a complete entity in itself. Your knowledge, beliefs and identities are nothing in front of what you already are.
  • You are mortal. Death is inevitable. You have to utilize your time to become the highest possible version of yourself.

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