Top 9 tips to live a calm, cool, and tension-free life

To lead a life your are wishing for, you will need to leave/stop doing a lot of things which you are currently doing. You now know that by doing a lot many things will not help you to stay calm and tension free. Rather it is the opposite.

  1. Have gratitude for everything. Only a fool will live a life of comparison when so much has already been offered.
  2. Expect less or realistically. This will help you be in your limitations and to stay present.
  3. Stop consuming media or things which are not helping you develop or grow from within. Identify such things as soon as possible and just cut off from them.
  4. Don’t be a part of the crowd cause its not necessary that whatever people are saying has to be true. Question everything.
  5. Start moving towards deeper layers of yourself by reading ancient texts and understanding from the people who have already written on spirituality.
  6. Always know this fact that, maximum number of problems are your own creation. You enjoy at first and then cry. Applies to decisions being taken under pressure like careers, marriage, children and many more.
  7. Stay alert, understand and then act.
  8. You are ultimately going to die which means, however big the problems you create, they are always miniscule in what the truth about your physicality is. You are ultimately going to lose everything.
  9. Just live and enjoy whatever comes in front of you cause there exists no past or future.

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