A letter to Myself – A Thankful expression towards the Creation!

Once upon a time it happens that, the whole human race decides to write a letter to the ‘Creation’ by realizing who they really are.

‘A letter to me, myself’

“The Me doesn’t exist but exists when You exist…”
Hey we are here…a bit late. Now we know its you who we all are…

We took a gazillion years to understand such a simple truth…
The existence itself is everything be it heaven, the hell, the earth, the universe, the god, the mind, the intelligence and the mere body which we failed to understand the reality behind

Sorry..!! we are educated, we have studied everything..actually dissected everything beyond our physical senses… but unfortunately we never became a flower, a butterfly, a bird, a fish sailing towards infinity and not bound by our own walls…

Life became a vast ocean of misery, sorrow, expectations, wars and thus the fate, the life died at a very early stage

All our lives we fought, we tried to kill ourselves, we came together at times…we created, we destroyed, we made the intelligence to thrive… all at one place which was our mind and never ever thought to just look Inside… what happened?..we all thrived and yet understood the depth of our lives… which is just a mere statement but is ‘We’ who ‘We’ call us but who ‘We’ are not…. but finally ‘We’ experienced it..

Which was nothing but existing to the fullest called as “Life”!!

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