Why do we get stressed? Is there a solution?

Stress! O man…the word of this century. In an interview, Mr. Jeff Bezos explained how stress is nothing but the lack of action.

Whenever we say we are stressed out, it is because we either have lost something in the past or because we have the fear of losing something in the future. It’s that constant worry and fear. If we can do something about a situation then there’s no need to worry, if we cannot, then we can stick to the solution side of the problem. But instead, what we really do is just think, think and think, most of the time getting sucked into the overthinking loop.

To address this issue, we first need to understand what ‘thought’ really is. Thought is just a language to communicate, to make decisions and not to have a direct impact on something or to control a certain situation. If we understand this, then now we can use our thoughts as a tool, just to communicate whenever some situation occurs and subsequently we will be able take the required action. An example being, if we want water, do we say water, water…water a thousand times in our own minds such that it somehow immediately lands on our hands? No, instead we just ask for a glass of water or take it on our own. In simple terms, ‘language is to communicate and action is to execute’.

Do we get stressed out and sit in one place and start thinking whenever our car tire bursts out? No! We step out, take out the jack, or in the worst case, if the backup wheel also doesn’t work, then we ask for a lift, go to a nearby car shop, order a tow van and voila! The situation was pretty horrific but instead of saying out loud that, ‘I am stressed’, we used our thought as a tool and found some solution to every problem which came our way.

Then why not for all the other situations like relationships, work place, jobs, people or loss of someone? If a situation which is completely out of our hands occurs, then too, the thoughts and the worries are not of any help. We know this fact but still we just cannot take any action, we literally become paralyzed by our own thought process. Sometimes in certain situations, it’s just better to let go, as taking a sudden decision could only result in worse. It’s all a game of thought, i.e we should know where to act and where to stop as someone has said it right that, genius is about ‘knowing when to stop’.

The answer is our own mind. Which has been programmed to think a lot whenever we are stuck in some situation. This overthinking program doesn’t allow us to be solution oriented and no one but only we ourselves can change this algorithm. It’s a practice, if done regularly, then thought which becomes our own enemy, can now be used in a minimalistic way, just as we use a language to communicate and to use it constructively in every other situation possible.

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