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What is success? How does it relate to happiness?

Success is a word used very inaccurately and wrongly in today’s world. We all link it with belief, destiny or luck. Actually it’s very simple as success is a relative term which could be different for you and me as long as the monetary part of it is not brought into the picture.

To achieve monetary success, there are certain rules to follow in one’s life. But what after that? Will the urge to buy some more luxury items or that constant rush to have the updated products completely end? Nope it will not. So can we call monetary success as real success? To some extent yes as it buys you a good house, food, covers health care costs, pays bills, buys a car maybe and the basic needs are fulfilled. But what about the unlimited ‘materialistic’ desires and the greed to constantly have something or the other? The product you buy today will remain of attraction till you have it for some time, the moment you will see someone having something better, your mind will automatically shift the focus to find reasons to not to have the thing in your hand which in reality, might not be affordable to many.

This is not just a mistake of your mind, but it is a part of the conditioning done by the society and the advertising market, which is so impactful that in the process, say to sustain a well paying job, you will forget who you are, most of the times your health, and the reason to run on that path. When you finally reach there and find that it was all in vain and a time wasting hustle, then the society will again misguide you saying that, you have to do this or do that to achieve something or if you fail by their means then they will start comparing and share utter nonsensical reasons, all this even before you will think of doing anything better out of yourself.

But nothing wrong has happened. Everything you learned, gained as an experience if it isn’t beneficial in the job you are doing, that knowledge will surely benefit you to build something or to teach it to someone who needs it desperately or doesn’t have the proper means to acquire.

So what you can do is, take up small workshops in schools or colleges alongside your boring job, the small innocent children will never let you down. That day when you will return home and tell your parents about this, they will call you successful and not just them but you yourself will become successful in your own eyes, which is one of the most important steps in gaining self confidence.

We all think and have carved in our minds that people with huge houses, cars, a wife, children and money are successful and happy, but you know that to become really successful you don’t need to reach there and then contribute, to then become happy, a very twisty road indeed but ultimately depends upon the goals and choices you have made. Today’s the day, you have some money, you have a job, you have a degree, you have the knowledge then why not go out and share it? What’s stopping you to venture out and explore a few other dimensions this life has to offer?

You don’t always need to do big, yes if it happens it happens or if you have the passion to do a job then it will definitely happen, but not all can find their passion and not all the wealthy people were passionate initially. Cause these guys did the same old conventional things but attached their liking and did them a little differently and always had a mindset to use failures and the knowledge appropriately as a necessary tool to grow through the situations and to always enjoy the process.

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