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How the Big Businesses happen and the Thought Process behind them – An Entrepreneurial analysis

Starting a business is easier said than done. Today in the world of Netflix and Amazon Prime we can watch a TV series and skip a few parts just to see what happens in the end, Amazon saves our time to go to a physical store or a book shop to buy a book or a cell or a laptop or just a gift for a loved one.

Then comes Uber, quick, easy and at times cashless rides which are a few minutes away. To order grocery we use Grofers, or for food, use Seamless or Foodpanda, again quick, hot and home delivered. Want to book flight tickets or want to plan a trip?..use Trivago or Tripadvisor, no need to stand in long queues or to be stuck in search of good hotels for the perfect budget you wish.

All the above mentioned businesses and many more like Google, Quora, WhatsApp, Facebook and yes WordPress all have something in common. They all save time. And not just a few seconds or minutes but a lot more time one could ever imagine if these companies did not exist.

Time is precious to all. We all prefer to surf some information on google or YouTube than to read it in a book because the world has become faster than ever before and accessing information is not a part of the process at all. All of these businesses when they started, didn’t know that they would be that successful both, financially and in terms of value creation for their customers. Another thing common, is the motive, the motive to make human lives better, safer and faster. Which doesn’t mean that when these companies were not formed, the work didn’t happen at all, but now the same task which used to take, say a few days or weeks like writing and delivering a letter, is now being done within a few seconds.

Today, many students in or out of college have a plethora of ideas and at the back of the mind they think that there is no opportunity for a new product as all the ideas have been executed. An utter state of confusion which arises due to the lack of knowledge and execution.

Mr. Jack Ma in a speech in South Korea said a very important thing, Don’t just sit to find opportunities in one place, go out, explore, if somewhere there is a problem and if people are just complaining and doing nothing about it, if you can solve that problem, then boom…that’s your opportunity!”

It means that just having ideas doesn’t matter, if you can execute them then that’s what counts and the one who will execute will be the winner who, instead of sitting and just scrolling through ideas, will prefer to go out, find where the problem lies, take up that idea, apply it and voila! That’s what happened with Facebook and other big tech companies which we all rely on today.

So if you are onto starting a business, like any business, then keep in mind that just having an idea or just jumping to execution will never work, cause both always go hand in hand and as far as opportunities are concerned, have a clear motive, a motive which will be beneficial for the people in the long run, where a path will be created for the others to be followed.

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