How confusion and clarity go hand in hand – A career perspective

My dear friends, you must be good at something, something which really connects you other than watching movies, TV shows and gaming. That’s your skill then. This question can only be answered by doing a self-inquiry and by knowing that whatever little skill you have is not less than that of the others.

We all are literally programmed to constantly compare us with others and in that process we cannot really give space and observe ourselves. Say if you have a skill of origami, then the first thought will be that of your friends and relatives who are successful in their careers other than and much greater in status than origami, which will automatically divert you from your skill and you will start focusing on something which you aren’t really interested in.

My point being, if you are looking at this world with a comparison perspective, then eventually your only skills will get overshadowed. If it is good for you, then start doing it now and take small steps at a time and think of how that skill can be converted into monetary means. It’s not easy, but in the mean process, you will learn a lot of other things which are extraneous to the situation.

Don’t be afraid to be confused, as this is the perfect time to try, fail and learn than asking the same questions again and ultimately to be stuck in that cycle, that too at a later date, with a little change in your age. Ask, analyze, execute and repeat! This is the time my friends..this is the time!

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