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Earning money is important but at what cost?

What I feel about earning money is that money is needed to live a comfortable life. But the way we approach money as a society, we see it as the ultimate purpose of our lives. Unless one is in absolute poverty, in my opinion, chasing too much money is not the right thing to be done cause it just denotes a deep sense of insecurity.

Do I wish to have a lot of money? Yes. I do. But I don’t want that money at any underlying cost. The picture should be clear, goals should be identified and thus progress should be made to enjoy the process and grow from it so that money can land without much of a pursuit.

My goals are clear,

I don’t want money which makes me a slave.

I don’t want money which makes me lose my identity.

I don’t want money just to prove that I have money.

I don’t wish to chase money at the cost of my health

I want money that I can make while doing what I love, and I want money to make the world a better place. Maybe a small little push for someone can make me go a long way considering the internal satisfaction.

I want to earn money to be free from the external pressures, to see through what lies beyond. (Reduce spending unnecessarily)

I need comfort and all the things that money can buy but I don’t want that money at any cost. I would again say that, the goals should be clear to make the right decisions.

I have my own conditions. What is your cost of making money?

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