Meet the ‘Missile Woman’ of India, excelling in the field of ‘Rocket Science’!

In today’s world a myth which states that, ‘women cannot do great in the fields science and math’, has been proven wrong by many and here is one such example which not only breaks this stereotype but also gives us a hope that mere race or gender cannot play a significant role in this modern day technological world and that it is just a shameful conditioning done to our minds which has constructed a wrong image that they cannot achieve those feats.

Tessy Thomas is regarded as the “Missile woman of India” after her significant contributions to the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) of India. She was appointed as ‘Agni-3’ engineer by our beloved Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, whom she refers to as her role model.

Tessy was born in April 1963 in Alappuzha, situated in Southern Kerala, to a small-businessman father and a homemaker mother. She was named after Mother Teresa. She grew up looking at rockets being launched from Thumba, a space station in Kerala and says her fascination with rockets and space began there. Her dream was taking shape as a child and to achieve it, she was ready to sacrifice anything and to any extent. 

She completed her M.Tech in Defense institute of Advanced studies, Pune (The education city of India) after which she joined DRDO as a scientist in 1988. There has been no looking back since then.

She is considered to be the first woman to lead a project in a Defense Organization in India. She was the project head for Agni-5 Missile launch success and was directly responsible for the development of indigenous technology based on the Missile guidance system which played a key role in Agni-5’s success.

Nobody would have ever imagined that a lady hailing from a very humble background and managing all her responsibilities as a mother, can achieve such great heights in the field of engineering. Her sharp intellect, a strong attitude and a disciplined approach towards problem solving, has always made her perfect in her work and of course as a ‘rocket scientist’ as well.

Her 24 years of contribution to Indian defense, is a perfect example and a befitting reply to those who believe that women are not suited for Science and Engineering fields. So, lets celebrate her glory and spread the message to the world, thus supporting the women who dream of doing something big irrespective of their field of choice.

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