Living in the present is the only solution – Just fully enjoy the process!

Spiritually and according to reality, this is the moment where the actual life happens and not in the world of unlimited desires and expectations called ‘Future’ or in the world of regrets and memories called ‘Past’.

But we humans cannot understand the simplest of all the concepts and we make our lives miserable and complicated, that too because of the dangerous game our minds play. The most practical explanation could be of the job we are doing, while choosing a career while choosing our life partner, do we really enjoy each and every stage and process of our lives? The answer being always a No.

We always think of becoming rich and happy, nothing wrong there, but do we really enjoy the process to reach that stage? Even if a lot of mental and physical pressure is involved, one can enjoy that too, if one is into that subject and not craving for something in the future. To think about the future is important but to some extent as a part of the strategy and execution, to set a goal but not beyond that. Name me any multimillionaire or billionaire who decided beforehand that he is going to be rich and extremely successful someday. None, right?

Vision is very important but to say that vision is everything is a trap. A trap which stops you from living and working and executing in this moment and creates a palace of mere dreams, expectations and desires and makes you compare your life with that of others, which then most of the time makes you think how unlucky you are.

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