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Why does life seem to be so complex?

From our childhood we are hearing this line from our elders that Life is complex! But is it really true? For a certain extent yes it is. But then we humans have the ability to perceive and interpret the situations which happen in our lives.

Circumstances and situations play a very crucial role in shaping our perception and attitude and accordingly we tend to think and act. Thus, whenever we say that Life is complex, it is subjective to the extent that what type of complexities we are dealing with such that, are they really severe or just psychological.

Simplicity in life is affordable but then, the market forces will always let you down if you choose such a life. Extravagant cars, luxury hotels, exotic vacations and much more through constant bombardment by the mass media which makes us feel to just go and get it as life feels incomplete without those. 

To conclude, yes for a majority of people life is complex but then when you have the basic necessities fulfilled and still feel like it’s left complex, you should really give a thought about it.

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