What is Mindfulness and why should we practice it?

Mindfulness is to feel present to reality in its entirety. It’s about paying attention to the present moment as a source of strength. It’s about accepting stress, fear and even our emotions without fighting them.

When we are mindful we become more present, and feel calmer and more confident. It enables us to better understand other people. We can be more compassionate, kind and sensitive towards others. We can enjoy life more. And if we let go of attachment to all our achievements and goals, it’s all possible – we become free.

Most of us need to practice mindfulness, or the state of being fully present without the unnecessary judgment or mental stress, to succeed in our goals in life. Practicing with others, or doing a mind/breathing exercise, to get in touch with our body when we are stressed can create a space where we can learn to release negative thoughts. It can also help us to become more aware of our habits and emotions.

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