Is the habit of Comparing ourselves with others really bad for us?

We as humans have a habit of comparison. Can’t we all just live without comparison? Is it always necessary to compare and then decide our internal state of being?

We experience everything inside us. Every single emotion, from sadness to joy, all happens within us. Then why do we let the external factors control our emotions? Cause of comparison and a lack of gratitude. Right questioning should be done before comparing. Ask yourself some tough questions like, is it really necessary to have that particular thing or object in my life? Am I running after something which will ultimately make me dissatisfied? Questioning helps to gauge as to what has really emerged out of a comparison and what is absolutely necessary to be done in life.

Everything we see around us is a result of comparison. The Soviet Union and The United States compared the military powers during the cold war period and thus the Space Race began. Largest of the largest corporations all across the world compare and compete. So, comparison in itself is not that bad, but when we constantly compare our life with that of the others, then it becomes a sign of illness. A void is created within us which makes us feel inferior to others where the truth is of exact opposite nature. 

We can all have the ability to live a life of joy and satisfaction and be present in the moment if a little sense of gratitude is ingrained within us, otherwise comparison will not end till we reach the death bed and till then it will be really late to act upon it.

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