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How the pursuit for too much fame and money could ultimately become a trap!

The pursuit towards too much fame and money could become a trap. Eventually, a toxicity could creep inside. Money for our needs and to live a comfortable life is fine but when it becomes everything, a fear to lose when we somehow finally get it, eventually starts eating us from within, as the primary purpose becomes just to somehow earn it.

Fame is a mere mentality or say an illusion. A couple of girls and guys follow you for a while and when you do something against their wish or say something little, all of which without even knowing the truth, the so called fans will turn it up against you in no time. You can look at thousands of such daily examples. So, mere fame is a trap as well. People when they like you, will firmly stick to you, even follow you around, and when they don’t, they will just try to pull you down so badly that the world will seem to be over.

If fame or money comes, it comes. If fame or money goes.. it goes. Sticking to your core values and human nature and prioritizing your work above all will lead you to true  success and happiness.

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