A few things about the spiritual process to know who you really are!

In this world of chaos, competition and betrayal, be yourself and the world will revolve around you. It happens when one knows himself with a deeper sense. One need not try for it. It is because, when one says trying, it indicates that there is a strong possibility of failure to exist. The learning automatically stops there as the mind is ready to take on the spiritual path. Believe me it’s a hard one!

A man cannot say that he fully knows himself. It is because he always looks outwards. He feels his own worth by what people speak and comment about him. In fact, the whole life passes in a whip just by depending on what others think. He strives to live on other’s opinions. If he gets praise, he is happy. If not, then he plans for it. During the due process, if he gets blamed, he suffers from anger, frustration and a range of other emotions which ultimately hampers the focus to live a life to its full potential.

From the inside, everyone is pure. A stream of emptiness flows. The flowering of one’s own nature flourishes at every instant. But we have not been told or taught by anybody to make the journey inwards. It is possible when one’s own mind is blank, ready to receive whatever one gets during the journey and leave the ego off the banks to just stay and be in the moment for some time. Acceptance and gratitude becomes the epi-center of the spiritual process.

This is a journey which one needs to cover alone. No one will be there to lend a hand, we get into this illusion that everyone is there. The truth will be revealed eventually as time passes and we understand that everything is one and that nature, the cosmos and the energy is conspiring to make the best out of us. It can not be expressed in words. It is just what can be felt.

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