How sense of humor can help us connect with others and ourselves!

Sense of humor is basically the subtle acts of comical behavior or jokes, which can be perceived to be as funny. 

We can develop our sense of humor based upon the events or situations which happen all around us or can even laugh at ourselves in a casual mood or make fun out of it, cause we all know that, nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. Whenever a mistake has been done, and at worst it happens that people laugh at us, then either we can feel bad about it which is normal or else we can quickly change to the ‘sense of humor mode’ to make fun of that situation and simply laugh it off.  Again, laughing at oneself requires courage and is a habit which is developed overtime.

Apart from this, developing a sense of humor is extremely beneficial in building new relationships, because we as humans, love being entertained. It also signifies an open mindedness and subconsciously forms a connection with people. That’s why we will see that the interviewer in a show makes jokes or creates an environment of lightheartedness where the interviewee will become comfortable and the audience well, they can enjoy it.

At times, it’s hard to joke about ourselves when situations become a bit more serious, but then we can always try to laugh off some of our problems so that we do not enter into that overthinking mode. This can ultimately make us realize that, many of the problems which occur in our lives are mere imaginations and that a little bit of a smile often shall help us get rid of them!

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