Acceptance and gratitude can play a huge role in building a better life – A short article on spiritual & mental wellness

The way out of this world is to accept the reality: to live life with its ups and downs, with its joys and sorrows, with all the beautiful and painful things that happen to us on a daily basis.

Accepting that we shall not be living forever is the first step in being able to enjoy life to its fullest, with all of the challenges and memorable moments which happen along the way. It’s about learning to have the courage to look into the mirror and see our own imperfections and accept them as a part of the process of growing, developing and improving and to know that, all that shall happen will make us stronger from within. 

Thus in the end, it comes down to accepting life as it is and then working towards the better things, so as to increase our understanding level, build our character, and to form a greater sense of appreciation in our lives. Now we don’t need anybody’s approval to build our own purpose and to take our lives in a direction which nobody could have even imagined ever existed.

All this acceptance and gratitude is not mean to exploit ourselves or to make us feel dumb, rather we will be pondered upon by the wisdom to make us free from the surface and to ultimately go and explore the depths the vast cosmos has to offer. Keeping a deep sense of faith is what is ultimately required.

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