Top 8 Quotes on Life, Living & Spirituality for Today!

1. Not everything is worth fighting for. If you go all in, you might get hurt. You have to be careful in making each choice of your lives cause the impact could at times be long term.

2. The greatest mistake you can make is to expect too much out of life. Live life as it comes and don’t plan onto living it in a certain way which is merely pushed as an ideology by the others. Simply be there for the experience and that’s what can make it all worthwhile.

3. All of the universe is to be found within yourself. It just needs to be experienced by being alone and observant.

4. Love comes in many flavors. I can’t count how many times I’ve been humbled by this special feeling every living being possesses.

5. The chance is always there to do better than who you currently are. It’s just that, what you really do with the opportunity which is being offered every second of your life to act in the right direction and thus to change the course of it.

6. The only people who can stand by our side even when we commit a crime are our parents. The faith they have in us should never be misused at all.

7. Do things that mean something to you. Its a sheer trap to live by other people’s expectations. The quicker you understand this, the better.

8. You’ve got to make your own luck. If you wish to succeed, you’ve got to work for it, there’s a totally different kind of a fun in this process.

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