Top 5 Quotes on Life & Living for Today!

1. Setting realistic expectations is the only way to lead a satisfied life.

2. Our definition of happiness should be sense of serenity and a peace of mind!

3. Everything I am today shall be gone tomorrow. Everything I have acquired today and claimed as mine shall be of no value for me in the future. Everything is temporary, let it be as it is cause then we can understand the limited nature of life and can thoroughly enjoy each and every moment of our lives!

4. Too much of ‘What if’ is a big hurdle to explore and expand your inner capabilities. Plan and calculate, but don’t become a slave of your own mind.

5. You have to put yourself first, but at times you have to respond to the world as well. You have to observe around to see if anybody needs your help cause whatever little resources you may have, it may prove beneficial for many.

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