War Is Inevitable – A Poem

War is inevitable, war is the way
humans have always thought it this way

War kills, war heeds
children have a life too,
where shall we sow the seeds?

Peace is not an option,
no solution ever falls in place
asking this question really makes us fool...
time has surrendered, when will we drop our tool?

Our lives have a value, when will we see
a dark glimpse of shadow, has now fallen upon us
O almighty, shed some light upon us...

The earth is now weeping in sorrow
will I ever meet my family tomorrow?

Tomorrow shall never come, in this race of our egos
O lord will we ever see a change,
if this time ever goes?

Time has come that we stand still,
if all the sacrifices go in vain
will we ever survive this dystopian hill?

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