Titan Raga’s #FlauntYourFlaw advertisement gives a subtle message about looks and real beauty

A very inspiring and beautiful advertisement which is portraying a very strong message for women as the brand is Women’s watch here. The objective of the ad is to connect with all the women who define beauty from the inside and that any of their physical defects need not be hidden from the world. Every aspect is told in the form of a story which really helps the viewer know the association between Titan Raga and the women.

Components such as feminine, honesty, real, sentimental and sincerity reflect the personality of the brand through the advertisement. The ad is really creative in a way that it showcases no celebrities but just common women. Titan Raga is a symbol of individuality, designed for the woman who believes in her femininity and makes it her power. An ad which has taken a new approach to perfectly portray this world of imperfections, creates a memorable impact on the viewers in a way that the beautiful cinematography, the music, the voice-overs and the actresses create a perfect blend to engross the viewer as the story unfolds.

In this ad of 1 Minute and 30 Seconds, with the emotional appeal, the ad conveys a
subtle message where it showcases women from different walks of life and tells each one of their stories which are common around us but we at times don’t really pay attention to.

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