Prof. David Jewitt and Veritasium explain us about Asteroids, their different sizes and how will we be able to save ourselves if ever an asteroid is going to hit the Earth

The following points have been covered in the video :

  • Asteroids – the leftover debris due to the collision of many bodies made of rock, gas and metal
  • Why we still aren’t able to detect many small sized asteroids
  • The asteroid belt and the near earth objects where the latter pose a threat to us
  • How asteroids are detected through imagery
  • The opposition effect
  • How orbital predictions are done whenever an asteroid is located
  • Dynamical chaos
  • Different sized asteroids 10Km, 1-2Km and smaller and their predicted impacts
  • Can we bomb the asteroid, can we use a rocket to deviate its path, use lasers or huge cooking foils to nudge them onto a different path or just evacuate the cities which are going to be hit by one with strong warning systems in place.

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