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My thoughts on Year 2020, Climate Change and Humans

The year 2020 is going really hard on everyone. From the beginning itself, the year started to show its true colors and was hell bent onto making our lives as miserable as possible. I was just wondering, can we just skip it?

With recessions hitting, economies crumbling, viruses lurking, riots and protests happening, migrants stranded and suffering, politics heating, many great personalities departing, lives getting affected, environmental destruction, natural calamities on a rise and the list continues where a major chunk of the year is still remaining.

Its not like we humans as a species haven’t experienced greater challenges before but the promises which we all have made regarding the betterment of mankind are now being completely dissolved. The same racial attacks which used to happen a few decades back are still happening, a similar trend of progress can be seen in many developing nations where corruption and power hungriness is still rampant, technology has failed to save us rather it has become a problem than a solution in these current times.

Its saddening as well as discouraging to hear such amount of negative news in such a short period of time. Where are we heading as humans? Is this what our visionaries and freedom fighters stood for? What are we going to gain from this mess? The answers are never easy for such questions but a kid inside me is always seeking those.

Year 2020 could have been looked upon as a year to change, shift towards a spiritual outlook, a year to take care of every species on the planet. to correct all our past mistakes and grow from within, to make the planet a better place to live but from all this I have realized one thing that we need to accept that we have miserably failed and that we need to learn and change as soon as possible. The environment is tearing apart because of our sheer stupidity as a species and we consider ourselves as the center of everything as if everything is in our control. Rather the truth is opposite from this. We literally do not, (rephrasing) cannot control anything.

A virus comes in and devastates our lives like never before and here I am not even including any of the natural calamities which are bound to happen cause we were ignorant and asleep uptil now. Time is running out and there is no one who can save us from the greater challenges which are going to fall upon us. We need to change now, we need to retrospect and the root causes must be figured out until its too late.

Hope still prevails and prayers shall remain with everyone.

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