Sonu Sood : A villain on screen emerges as a true HERO helping over 12,000 migrant laborers reach their homes

The COVID-19 crisis has affected the entire world where the cases in many countries are still on an exponential rise. India, with a population of 1.4 billion, is facing with its own set of challenges as the nation hopes to come out of the crisis soon.

Nationwide complete lock-down was implemented on 24th of March when there were around 500 cases. But now, India has a steep rising curve as far as new cases are concerned. The recovery rate seems to be good and the death rate is low. But the nightmare is still not over. Amidst the solution oriented approach by the central and state governments, there is an another crisis being desperately waiting to be resolved which is of the migrant laborers, who belong to the unorganized sector of the country and the numbers will shock you.

But there are always a few heroes who emerge and decide to fight the war in the battlefield. One such name which has been widely praised and talked about is Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who has done a variety of roles throughout his career and today has become a helping hand to thousands of families all across the country. He felt the pain and saw the plight of the innocent workers and decided to act than to play the blame game. He has till now helped over 12,000 of such migrant laborers reach their homes from the city of Mumbai and there is no other way to thank him than the blessings he must have received from all those families. Just yesterday there was a news that he arranged a flight for 177 migrant workers stuck in the state of Kerala. He is still fueled for this mission which seemed impossible a few days ago.

Actor/Producer Sonu Sood is known for his onscreen negative roles and has received numerous awards and nominations for the same. But today he has performed as a real hero on the field where he heard the cry of the workers and held their hands in a time of crisis. But there are still many of such workers who are still not getting any help and with such a grim situation on the both the sides, they have left with no other option but to leave the cities and walk gigantic distances to their homes under the scorching sun of the month of May. Many have already made it to their homes and many might never. Its a situation which we have never imagined in the wildest of our dreams.

Hardships and challenges are a part of any mission and this venture by Sonu Sood required immense planning, power and care to even be brought into picture. But this man has done it with the support of a strong team which he has formed and the blessings from the entire country. A leader has emerged who has given hope for thousands across the country.

My source of energy is much less than the source of energy of a migrant who decides to walk hundreds of kilometers with his loved ones.

– Sonu Sood, 2020

Through this post, I would like to thank all such heroes who are working to ease the situation a little for millions of such helpless people. Thank You all and may god bless them. Lastly, I hope and pray that no such crisis ever occurs again and that we as humans learn from our past mistakes and understand that how important it is to live consciously as a species since we are not the only one on this planet.

Video source : Film Companion

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